The Ashhurst Action Group

It was agreed in a community forum that we did benefit from our association with the Palmerston North City Council, but we also needed to continue working towards keeping the "village feeling" of Ashhurst - and not to become just part of the city, not to be just a suburb of a larger city.  The AAG has become a lobby group to petition the PNCC to accomplish projects and things for the village, often just simple and relatively easy tasks that would take little or no resources - just consent from council.


It has also petitioned for larger and the more important public works, like the new storm water system and outfall to help prevent surface flooding, new storm culverts in North Street, new refuse transfer station facilities (and alterations), Oxford Street renovations, Winchester Street improvements, Domain improvements, footpath improvements and street lighting.

It also is a group that petitions the PNCC on local government matters, from submissions during a consultation process, petitions on local government elections process, public consultation and surveys.  It works to provide Council Committees with information and input toward helping keep the PNCC active and moving with projects and problems within Ashhurst.

In May 2006, The PNCC voted to end the Ward Committee Structure within the city - a decision considered a backward step by many, but by pressure from the AAG and other public submissions has voted to create and Ashhurst Community board. 

In 2007, the Ashhurst and Fitzherbert Wards joined to become just one Ward, represented in 2010/2011 by our two councillors - Duncan McCann and Bruce Wilson.

The AAG selects projects to work on and works to get them completed through working bees, assistance from local contractors, from PNCC staff, and with general community support.  The Village Green (at bottom of page) is an example of this - the picture show is as it was before the new War Memorial wall and mosaic pad were put in, and new planting.

There is some more information about the AAG on the Environment Network Manawatu Website

The AAG also actively supports those who wanted to see the Ashhurst Village Voice community bulletin return, and to be part of it's continued publication.

The Ashhurst Action Group would welcome any residents and local people that wish to join us in helping promote the village and its surrounds, and help us work toward a nicer "village atmosphere" to live in.  Use the feedback form to send us your details and we will send you some information.

It usually meets on the 3rd Thursday of the Month, 7.30 pm at the Anglican Church Hall on Cambridge Avenue, opposite the dairy.  Anyone is welcome to attend.