Ashhurst Police

There are two staff assigned to the Ashhurst Station. We work a mixture of day, late and night shifts in and around the Ashhurst area. We also assist the Palmerston North staff with attendance at incidents in there as the need arises.
If Police staff are at the station, the car parked in front will advertise this. Due to work commitments - we are often away from the station but may still be working. The best way to contact us is by calling the Station number - 326 8222. If we are unable to answer this call will be sent to a call centre where the operator will be able to send your call to one of us working. The Police have moved to becoming more mobile and we are always available on cellphone when working.
In the event of anything happening that requires urgent assistance - the 111 emergency line is to be used. This will ensure that you receive the appropriate and timely Police response.
We are also fortunate to have Mary Whale at the station between 10am and 12pm on Tuesday and Thursdays. She is able to assist with minor matters and take messages for us if we are not at the station.
Also, we are the e-mail system for your use however this is NOT for the reporting of any crime matters - only for the passing of information.


Remember! In case of emergency  DIAL 111

Senior Constable Mark Glentworth
O/C Ashhurst Police

06 3268222

P.O Box 16, Ashhurst

The local police station is at 14 Guildford St, Ashhurst.

If the Ashhurst police station is unattended, contact the Palmerston North Police Station on (06) 351 3600
or call into 410 Church St Palmerston North.

Ashhurst Police Station