Walkways in the Ashhurst Area

Maps 'borrowed' from the PNCC Geoguide


Ashhurst Domain

Lots of formed walking tracks around and through the Domain and down onto the Manawatu River beach, open space etc.  More information about the domain can be foiund on the Ashhurst Domain Page.   click for map

Access from the carpark in Cambridge Avenue or the Main Domain entrance on SH3 Napier road or from the Car park at the SH3 Manawatu River bridge

Lincoln Park

Sports fields and home to the Ashhurst Athletics Club and the Ashhurst Pohangina Rugby Football Club.  click for map

Access from Lincoln Street or Bamfield Street / Durham Street

McCraes Bush

From The Terrace down to Olssen Orchard.  click for map

Access from River Road, The Terrace or Wyndham Street

Manawatu Gorge

Gorge Track

Walk from the Ashhurst end of the Manawatu Gorge through to the Balance End and out to the top of the slip that closed the SH 3 Manawatu Gorge Road in 2012 . click for map

Accress is from the Carpark at the Ashhurst End of the Gorge or from the Balance Road, Woodville end of the Gorge

River walkway

This section of walkway from Ashhurst toward Palmerston North, winds along the edge of the Manawatu River to Raukawa Road is a shared path for pedestrians and cyclists. Pedestrians include those with physical limitations and is also extended to equestrian users.  All users are asked to be courteous to each other’s needs, such as cyclists warning in advance that they are approaching a group of walkers.  Although, as this section of path is constructed from Crushed Compacted Lime, cyclists will be heard as they approach pedestrians. As such, this pathway is to be called the ‘Manawatu River Shared Path

This walkway is planned to go on to Te Matai Road, eventiually linking up with existing walkways in the city.  click for map

Walkway access will be from the Car park at the the Manawatu River SH3 bridge or at Raukawa RoadCouncil is on track for an opening in November.

Thanks to Sandi Morris from Cith Networks for information.