The Stuff We Shouldn't Need To Say

The ashhurst dot org ( web is a community based site.   We are a small non-profit,  volunteer, community related group intending to highlight and provide information primarily about the Ashhurst township with it's interests and facilities, and the Pohangina Valley and the surrounding community.

Any statement, concept or idea contained within this site are the personal thoughts and opinions of the web team and it's contributors, and are not intended to be nor are necessarily representative of any group, club or organisation, unless otherwise noted.

All images, photographs, documents, files and material, partial or complete, used in or on any pages or documents contained within this site, with the exception of individual images submitted for "featured image" page,  remain  the property of and the web team.  No image may be copied in any form, edited, changed, distributed or reused without the written permissions of the web team.

To request access or usage rights to any these images, please either email the web team or use the feedback option, stating who you are and why you wish to use the image.  Any released images will remain the property of the web team, and would need to be credited to if used.

Unless stated, all images in this site are originals and were taken by the site authors and were edited by the web team.  Any other images have  been, where possible,  credited to that Photographer or Organisation.

While care was taken to attempt to identify every person and request their permission to use of any image or photograph, the large number of individuals in the images and photographs and long time-span of the  images/photographs, there will be persons on this site who we have not identified or contacted.   Subsequently, if your image or photograph has appeared in this site and we have not personally spoken to you, or sought you permission to use that image or photograph, and you do not wish yourself and your image  to be included or portrayed, please either email the web team or use the Feedback option and leave us your details so we can contact you.

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