The Ashhurst Dot Org WebTeam

The WebTeam has built the Ashhurst community website using the Concrete5 Content Management System to create our nicer layout.  Concrete5 is the teams preference because it works on any platform (Mac, Windows etc) and is web based, is open sourced - meaning no costs to any users - except time.

And your time is better spent with our faster NZ owned server provided by OpenHost.  And thanks Openhost for doubling our disk space - at no extra cost.  Awesome!!

Thanks also to the Ashhurst Village Voice Society Inc, who sponsor the Domain name and Hosting Fees, taking the stress of the Administrator!

We want people to enjoy what we have here, and that they can find what you are looking for.  Ashhurst and the website deserve it. 

But we really need a "team" to do this.

We need people contributing to it, editing it, keeping it current and up to date, not just because the author keeps running out of time, ideas and abilities to keep it going.

If you are keen to have a go, maybe have some good photos to share, or have better or more recent photos than we have here, or maybe know a little bit about web design or editing or publication, or perhaps know a bit about databases, or maybe are used to Open Source code and CSS, or maybe you are good with graphics, or know about Java, we're keen to hear from you.

Even if you know nothing about any of the above and just have some time spare to research and write articles, and want to help make this website more than it is, use the feedback form or email us to let us know you're interested.

Web Administrator | Ashhurst Dot Org