Be Seen On The Ashhurst Dot Org Website

If you are business, organisation club, sports club or community group in the Ashhurst, Hiwinui, Pohangina and Raukawa areas, you have the opportunity to have your own space on our server.

After a large number of years of working on this as a hobby project, and with sponsorship helping to cover costs, we are now offering you the opportunity to having the following advertising options:

  • an information page with an account, managing or editing your own page whenever and however you want to - an advantage for sports groups with timetables, cancellations etc
  • a simple advertising space such as a pop-up (click for example), with your business card or groups contact information
  • a hyperlink off to your on Business, Club or Groups website
  • a combination of the above options

This is a free service - the website is kindly sponsored by the Ashhurst Village Voice newspaper

If you are interested in taking advantage of the option, email the WebTeam or use the Feedback Form and we will get in touch with you and discuss options.

Administrator |
Ashhurst Dot Org

As a general guildline, the following criteria apply :

What you can include :
Almost anything!  Colour, Text, Images, Graphics, Photographs.  Any information about your group, business or organisation.  Link it to your own website to generate traffic.

What you can't include:
Pornographic or morally objectionable material, anything that is hearsay, prejudicial, untruthful or culturaly insensitive.  At this stage we are not accepting Adobe Flash, audio or video files.

Dimensions :
The area for advertising is 900 pixels wide - the width of this block of text and would prefer that your advertisement not be longer than an A4 sheet - but that's negotiable.  The header, menu, and footer areas of any advertising page cannot be used or altered.

Format :
We will discuss this when you contact us, but DOC, PDF, JPG, PNG, RTF, TXT and ODT are all acceptable.

Editing :
An 'account' could be created on the server for your use. Then a 'page' would be available for the 'owner' to alter or change if they wish.   Assistance will be given to those needing help with editing.  Remember you can be as creative as you want.  Alternatively, your could create the document or images and we upload it for you.

Privacy :
As with all internet websites, balance what you customers or audience need to see and know about, with what personal information you are willing to share.  Remeber that the internet is a global network.  Use a work email address or a work cellphone and/or Fax number, and a business postal or physical address rather than personal information.

The webteam will inspect any page and reserves the right to deny any advertisement content or page  information that is submitted.  Any page found to be unacceptable will be removed from public viewing until such time as it is corrected.