Wind Power

The Ruahine & Tararua Wind Farms
On the Tararua Rangers is the TrustPower Tararua wind farm,  along a 5 kilometer (3 mile) stretch of the range, with 103 wind turbines generating 67.98MW of electricity - enough for 30,000 homes.  This feeds into a national grid substation behind Palmerston North.  The next stage - adding an extra 31 wind turbines, each generating 3 MW of electricity - enough for 45,000 homes.   For more information about the TrustPower wind farm, click here

On the Ruahine Rangers is the Meridian Energy Te Apiti wind farm,  55 wind turbines each generating 1.65 MW of electricity - enough for 45,000 average homes.  This feeds into a national grid substation near Woodville.   For more information about the Te Apiti wind farm, click here

Searching for Te Apiti on youtube has several videos on the windfarms.

On the Ruahine Rangers, South of the TrustPower  wind farm,  NZ Windfarms has begun construction of the Te Rere Hau wind farm,  97 turbines generating  48.5 MW - enough for about 18,000 homes.  For more information about Te Rere Hau,  click here

The Palmerston North City Council is investigating options for placing wind turbines as well. Another wind farm, Motorimu, is going through Resource Consent process to build on the Tararua Rangers south of Palmerston North City.   This is currently before a Government Review group.

On May 30, 2004 the contractors federation membership was invited to tour the construction site.  The Meridian construction pictures on this page were from then.  Many thanks to Meridian Energy and their Contractors.

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The Tararua Wind Power Generation Farm looking North with the
Wharite TV  transmission mast in distance

Ruahine Te Apiti Wind Farm in cloudy conditions
The Tararua Trustpower Turbines


Image to give some scale of a Te Apiti Turbine blade


Drive mtor for the 400 tonne crane

te_rere_hau_sm.jpg Te Rere Hau - 2 bladed



A tower base before concrete is poured in.

Daniel Smioth Cranes - a real 'behemoth'




Welding on the first section - specialist welders from Australia.

 closeup_sm.jpg  The finished product.

What an awesome thing these turbines are for the Manawatu and Tararua provinces !!    Our gentle giants.
YES2WIND.CO.NZ  Greenpeace pro-wind website