ADO2017 :: Welcome


Thank you for making the time to visit our website. 

We hope you enjoy what we will eventually have back here, and that in time, you will find what you are looking for. 

If you have any comments or suggestion about information we should have on our site as we rebuild, or anything we have that is in error, use the form here and let us know.  We would appreciate your comments and information.

We have again have space available for your local groups or businesses to have a page or two on our site.  People can't find you if you're not listed. 

So again - thanks for visiting. 

The Ashhurst Dot Org Web Team

So why the new website - again

While trying to get a new (preferred) version of the software onto this website, we had database issues and are so we are now restricted to using an older version. This is our third and hopefully last rebuild.

The website suffered a near fatal incident in June 2017 that removed the mechanism needed for navigation throughout the website. This was probably caused by the website and domain provider updating their server and hosting software. While they state that there is nothing wrong with their side (or their software) it has caused numerous websites hosted on the servers to become "unplugged". This left the files and database unable to talk to each other and no longer functioning for public use.

What is worse, the backups that were made to mitigate this sort of thing failed to  yield anything useful.

We are currently rebuilding this website from nothing. We will reveal pages as they are completed.  Thank you for your patience while we go through this difficult process.

And no, we're not so happy either!