Gravel and Tar Cycling Event

Hi everyone!

We are running the Gravel and Tar Cycling event on the 29th of January 2017 through the Pohangina Valley.   This follows the successful event in 2016.  

I thought it would be useful to let readers of the website know it was on, and to be able to provide a contact email for information to those road users during the event who may be affected by minor delays.

We will, of course, be doing letterbox drops to residents on the course in the weeks leading to the event, and we will have full traffic management and event control during the event.  Given the number of cyclists, and the fact that it is on Sunday morning, we do not envisage much disruption to normal traffic flow.

I would be happy to talk to anyone if they have any queries, or if they would like to assist us in promoting the beautiful Pohangina Valley region to those who are coming to visit and participate in the event.

Kind regards,

Steve Stannard