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The aim of our website is to provide information to people that live in Ashhurst, the Pohangina Valley, Hiwinui, and Raukawa, as well as to others further afield - local, national and international visitors.  We aim to provide an unbiased look at what is here, who is here and what happens here, as well as listing up-coming events.

And this is where the people in our community come in.  We need to know what Ashhurst and Community events there are so others can find out and get information about them.  We don't have the time and the contacts to do this, and if we don't know, we can't put information of the website for other people. 

To the Businesses, Sports clubs, Social Clubs and Organisations in our area !  We want to hear from you too, and list you on the site. 
If you have information, or events you want 'to out there',
get in touch with us.

We also have space available now for you to have a page on our site.  People can't find you if you're not listed.  More information here!

If you have any images of Ashhurst, the Pohangina Valley and surrounding areas, we would love to see them and share them  with our visitors, contact us or use this form to send an image to us so we can include them.  We don't claim to be good photographers, so youre  images will be appreciated.  All submitted images will be credited to the photographer or supplier.

There is also a page for notices,community issues and documents of interest to the community - let us know so we can list it!

If you have any comments or suggestion about information we have or don't have on our site, or anything we have that is in error, use the feedback form and let us know.  We would appreciate your comments and information. 

Because of this, we're also looking for local people interesting in working with this website.  Click here to find out about joining the WebTeam.

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