Ashhurst Community Trust

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The Ashhurst Community Trust has recently been established in Ashhurst.

Aims of the Ashhurst Community Trust:

  • Establishing, promoting and supporting community based initiatives;
  • Ensuring sustainability of events and initiatives that promote the Ashhurst community’s identity and sense of belonging through leadership and the provision of governance and stewardship

You can contact the Trust by email at

ACT - Skate Park project update - April 2017

This morning the Ashhurst Community Trust, in partnership with the PNCC, had the project commencement site meeting. A fantastic milestone to reach and we will be breaking ground over the next week with the commencement of the site works. It is exciting to see things moving to the construction phase.

Whilst there has been some delayed gratification for our community members, it will prove to have been well worth the wait to get the design and compliance all in order prior to project start. We will be looking forward to seeing our families enjoying this community facility in the spring.

The intent of this project, since its inception when some local youth approaching our local police, has been to build a high quality facility to last for the next generation. We are well on track to achieving this goal and it has been important to get the design and engineering to the best level we can afford.

The ACT thanks our sponsors and contractors that have assisted us to get this far. Our QS phase confirmed that our funding is at the level of our forecast costs of the development.

We encourage our community to keep watch on the developments but also please ensure that public are kept out of the construction zone until the project is complete and we have celebrated the official opening.

Thanks for your patience - it will be rewarded.

Ashhurst Community Trust.

Community Skate Park Project

Proposed skate park will replace existing wooden half pipe on Guilford Street across from the Police Station.

The new site for the skate park is adjacent to the fire brigade in the AV&V car park 

Estimate build with community assistance is around $ 145,000. Current Ashhurst Community Trust fundraising is $110,000
Timeline – originally to be completed project by the 2015 Christmas parade, due to consent and other difficulties, there is no current completion date